Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Undergraduate Program

Bachelor's Programs​

Program Title Level Entry Requirement
Mechanical Engineering                           Bachelor          HS Diploma 
Energy Engineering​ Bachelor HS Diploma
​Industrial Engineering Bachelor HS Diploma


The aim of the undergraduate curriculum is to prepare graduates for professional engineering careers as educated, responsible citizens who have both the motivation and ability for lifelong personal and professional growth. The program provides communication, and practical, analytical, mathematical and computational skills. It is also aimed at developing professional skills which are needed in the subsequent career.
There are some instructional laboratories and major workshops for undergraduates, which are listed below:

·Thermodynamics lab

·Fluid mechanics lab

·Heat transfer lab

·Strength of Materials lab

·Vibrations and Balancing lab

·Non-destructive testing lab

·Metallography lab

·Fuel and Oil lab

·Power plant chemistry lab

·Steam Power plant lab

·Corrosion lab

·Machine tools Workshop

·Advanced Welding Workshop

·Casting Workshop

·Auto mechanic Workshop

·Pipe and Valves Workshop

·Heat Exchangers Workshop

·Power plant components Workshop

·Installation Workshop

Students are required to complete 140 units to satisfy the requirements for the BSc degree. The project is taken on in the final year and is worth three units.  Industrial experience is an integral part of the programs. Students must have an industrial experience as internship between second and third years, and between third and fourth years and submit and defend a report describing this experience.