Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Materials and Metallurgy

Materials science and engineering, as an interdisciplinary field of study, has established a broad link between physics, chemistry, mechanics and mathematics. Therefore, materials science includes many specialties from basic fields such as steelmaking, materials extraction to new fields such as superconductors, nano and biomaterials.

Considering that, the fundamental aim of materials science and engineering is materials selection ensuring required functions and performance of products, which are manufactured out of them. Therefore, the focus of materials and metallurgy department is to develop research in the field of fabrication, mechanical, analytical and chemical characterization of different kinds of materials such as super-alloys, polymers, different types of composites, porous structures.

Students of this group will get acquainted with the research method to carry out their      final project by passing a seminar and a workshop, entitled” an introduction to research methods”.  The MSc students of materials and metallurgy department can research in the field of corrosion, reverse engineering of industrial parts, failure analysis, severe plastic deformation, high temperature alloys, composites, layered and functionally graded structures.


Program Title Level Entry Requirement
Materials Engineering - 
Characterization and selection of engineering materials
Master Bachelor
Technical Inspection Engineering​ Master Bachelor


Faculty Members


      Asal Hosseini Monazzah

Assistant Professor

Powder metallurgy, Composites, Laminated structures, FGM, Foam

Ph.D. Sharif University of Technology

Phone: (+98) 21-73932711


      Mohammad Ali Mostafaei

Assistant Professor

High temperature alloys, Welding, Phase transformation

Ph.D. Sharif University of Technology

Phone: (+98) 21-


      Khosrow Rahmani

Associated Professor

Metallurgy and fabrication, Corrosion

Ph.D. Sharif University of Technology

Phone: (+98) 21-



      Mahmood Sameezadeh

Assistant Professor

Characterization and selection of materials, Fracture and fatigue, Nanocomposite, Biomaterials

Ph.D. Tehran University

Phone: (+98) 21- 73932726


      Majid Vaseghi

Assistant Professor

Plasticity, Severe plastic deformation, Nanomaterials, Rapid Prototyping

Ph.D. Sharif University of Technology

Phone: (+98) 21- 73932694


Course Outline

·Advanced Thermodynamic

·Phase Transformation

·Advanced Materials Characterization and Analysis

·Advanced Materials and Processing

·Theory of Dislocation

·Advanced Polymers

·Fracture and fatigue

·Error in Measurement and Research

·Corrosion Prevention and Management in Industry

·New Inspection Standards

·Advanced Non-Destructive Testing

·Corrosion and Coating Inspection

·Welding Inspection and Quality Control

·Metallurgical Failure Analysis

· Composites