Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Short Courses

The faculty of Mechanical and Energy with more than 40 years of experiences and very modern technical and training facilities is offering short courses and degree programs to the personnel of affiliated companies. The short courses are in Technician and Engineering levels in English and/or Arabic (upon request) in PWUT or in other regional countries. The content of the courses are considered in such a way to cover technical information and experiences which are required as the real qualification for industrial jobs. In this field, the faculty has a vast experience of providing high level tailor-made courses with co-operation of international counterparts such as UNESCO, IHE, TOTAL, SHELL, Elf, ENI, AGIP, BANIAS, PEDEEE, DOOSAN and the World Bank.


Selected courses

  • Heat Recovery Boilers

  • Vibration and Balancing

  • Power Boiler Failure Mechanisms and Life Assessments

  • Pressure Vessels Design Using ASME Code

  • Condition Monitoring in Industry

  • Boiler Reliability

  • Chemical Cleaning of Boiler and Cooling Water systems

  • Condenser and Cooling systems of thermal Power Plants

  • Gas Turbine and combined cycle Power Augmentation Methods

  • Renewable Energies

  • Balancing and Vibration Analysis of Rotary machines

  • Non-destructive Testing (NDT)